Discovery Atlas: South Africa

Atlas is a landmark television project by Discovery Channel. It is a signature series of two-hour HD experiential journeys through individual countries across the globe.

Spectacle, splendor, surprise and story are hallmarks of the programs as they explore the world.

Each one is a magic carpet ride of stunning photography, cutting edge special effects, and stories that put the viewer into the heart of the country and its people.

A country of spectacular landscapes and vast natural resources, from lush mountains to deserts to veldt, with a legacy of human struggle and tension very much to the fore in daily life, South Africa still faces a number of enormous hurdles, but is also, finally, tantalisingly close to realising its undoubted potential.

It’s a young democracy - only 11 years old - and is still finding its feet.

And the next few years will determine if it’s a country whose past will eventually, and catastrophically, catch up with it, or whether it's to be a guiding light on the Dark Continent.

South Africa Atlas is the story of the new South Africa, and the soul of a nation in flux.

Production Information

Broadcaster: Discovery

TX Date: January 2007

Format: 1 x 100

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