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Calculating. Cunning. Cold as ice. In Diabolical, these shockingly devious masterminds use their wits and wiles to manipulate us, seduce us and…try to get away with murder.

There’s something utterly spellbinding about a devious murderer. Cunning to the extreme, these killers are always playing the long game. Their minds are working at breakneck speed, planning, plotting and always keeping several steps ahead of the rest of us. They are fascinating, riveting – and terrifying. As mesmerizing as they are monstrous, it’s impossible to look away.

In Diabolical, a new series from Lion Television, we recount the stories of women and men who used cunning and craft to carry out shocking murders. These murders were committed with extreme premeditation – many were months or even years in the making.

Central to each story in this ten episode series is our enigmatic and intriguing main character – the Diabolical one. We may first meet her or him in a seemingly innocent situation. For every episode, the audience will spend time wondering who is predator and who is prey. But as the camera lingers on their face, we sense that something is off. With every gesture, every glance, we suspect there is something sinister – and dangerous – about them.

Full of psychological suspense, these are compelling, intrigue-driven mysteries with all the twists and turns of a true crime thriller. But what makesDiabolical truly unforgettable are the fascinating, terrifying masterminds behind these meticulous, premeditated murders. We will never root for them, but there is something so diabolical and devious about them that we – just like their victims – are momentarily held in their thrall.


Investigation Discovery

Premiere Date:

March 2018

  • Exec Producers: Jennifer Silverman, Tony Tackaberry