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Discovery Atlas: China Revealed

Discovery Atlas: China Revealed

Atlas is a landmark television project by Discovery Channel. It is a signature series of two- hour HD experiential journeys through individual countries across the globe.

Spectacle, splendor, surprise and story are hallmarks of the programs as they explore the world.

Each one is a magic carpet ride of stunning photography, cutting edge special effects, and stories that put the viewer into the heart of the country and its people.

For China Atlas is the story of the birth of a superpower.

It is a story told not through the rhetoric of politicians or the commentary of academics, but through the voices of ordinary men and women on the frontline of history.

The film draws together a series of characters drawn from across modern China, individuals whose stories not only give us an unprecedented and intimate insight into life behind the Great Wall, but who also unlock spectacular locations and events, giving the film an extraordinary and epic visual scope.


Discovery Channel

TX Date:

September 2006

  • Exec Producer/s: Richard Bradley
  • Producer/s: Cassian Harrison, Lara Acaster
  • Director/s: Cassian Harrison
  • Presenter/s: James Spader