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MegaDrive follows comedian and horrible driver Johnny Pemberton as he travels around the country learning to use and abuse some of the biggest, craziest, most dangerous vehicles in the whole world.

From Miami to Maine, to Mexicali and back, Johnny criss-crosses the country in search of the ultimate ride while trying not to get himself killed. Week after week he hijacks these amazing machines and takes their operators for hernia inducing rides that make them wish they had stayed home and watched Bloomberg instead of joining him on these janky joy rides. Whether it's an M-1 battle tank, a jet powered semi truck, a souped up fire truck or fighter jet, Johnny will find a way to drive it, hump it, break it, or all of the above.

Does he actually die? You be the judge.



TX Date:

November 2010

  • Exec Producer/s: Tony Tackaberry, Allison Corn