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The Murder List

The Murder List

One list. Ten terrifying entries. Is this the diary of serial killer on the loose?

A probation officer conducts a routine home visit on Joseph Naso, a 76-year-old shoplifter in Reno, NV. He finds a shocking cache of materials: thousands of pictures of scantily clad women, mannequins dressed in lingerie and a journal recounting dozens of sexual assaults. Then, police find a handwritten list with ten cryptic entries – descriptions of women identified only by locations, but no names or dates. Investigators fear that they have stumbled upon the “murder list” of a serial killer in hiding. And they have one year to decode the list before Naso goes free.



Premiere Date:

February 2021


Allison Corn, Stan Hsue, Steve McLaughlin, Jennifer Silverman, Tony Tackaberry